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SEERNet is a network of platform developers, researchers, and education stakeholders working together to create and expand the capacity of digital learning platforms (DLPs) to enable equity-focused and rigorous education research.  SEERNet is funded by the Institute of Education Science, with a deliberate intention to fund both DLPs and researchers, as well as a growing network connecting DLPs, researchers, and practitioners. It is called “SEERNet” in reference to IES’s SEER principles, a set of aspirations for educational research.


Guides & Reports

Looking Back to Move Forward

SEERNet digital learning platforms (DLPs) are developing new infrastructure to support research in authentic contexts where student learning is happening. In order to contextualize this work within the larger field, we trace historical precedents along four main categories: data repositories, data collection services, research design interfaces, and research communities. By situating this innovative movement alongside its predecessors, we can identify the opportunities for SEERNet and others to progress and sustain the mission of making research more scalable, equitable, and rigorous.


Reflections on Researcher-Practitioner Co-design of SEERNet Research Questions

One of SEERNet’s aims is to enable alignment of research on digital learning platforms to practitioner needs. Office Hours: A Conversational Series was SEERNet’s first initiative to convene practitioners and researchers in identifying problems of practice relevant to digital learning platforms (DLPs) and co-designing research questions. Participants discussed their experiences, goals, challenges, and vision related to DLP use. The conversations were synthesized and feedback from the participants led to refined research questions. In addition, we asked the participants to reflect on the value of the Office Hours process.

What We’re Reading

Speeding Time to Discovery with Digital Learning Platforms

SEERNet network partner Terracotta shared this great blog post reflecting on the challenges and opportunities presented by platform-embedded educational experiments. Check it out!