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Digital Learning Platform-based Research

Since the launch of SEERNet in fall 2021, we have worked to build the foundation for a network through which platform developers, researchers, and practitioners could engage around a shared vision for leveraging digital learning platforms (DLPs) as research infrastructure. This fall, we welcomed our first research team and just a few months later, an additional research team joined the network.

Funded through IES’ program Digital Learning Platforms to Enable Efficient Education Research Network, these two research teams are poised to leverage SEERNet-affiliated DLPs for their respective studies.

Meet the Research Teams

Kelley Durkin and Cristina Zapeda will explore the effects of evidence-based enhancements implemented during mathematics problem solving in UpGrade/MATHia on middle school students’ metacognitive skills, mathematics knowledge, and motivation.

Avery Closser and David Purpura will explore the impacts of perceptual cues in their study. Learn more about their project in this two-part blog series.

We look forward to welcoming additional researchers to the network in the coming months. Stay tuned!