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Working Papers

Considerations for Conducting Research in Digital Learning Platforms& Reports

Pub. April 2024

By: Adam Schellinger; Jenna Zacamy; Jeremy Roschelle; Avery Closser; Cristina Zepeda

Looking Back to Move Forward

Pub. January 2024

By: Jeremy Roschelle; Adam Schellinger

Language and Mathematics Learning: A Comparative Study of Digital Learning Platforms

Pub. March 2024

By: Xin Wei; Amanda Wortman; Li Cheng; Neil Heffernan; Cristina Heffernan; April Murphy; Cristina Zepeda; Ben Motz; Harmony Jankowski; Jeremy Roschelle

Practitioners at the Center, Part II: Reflections on Practitioners’ Engagement with the SEERNet Hub

Pub. October 2023

By: Stefani Pautz Stephenson; Deblina Pakhira

Making Waves: Reflections on SEERNet’s Progress Towards Enabling Next Generation of Education Research

Pub. September 2023

By Stefani Pautz Stephenson; Jeremy Roschelle

Designing for the future of research: Putting equity-relevant research into practice with scenarios and personas

Pub. October 2022

By: Deblina Pakhira; Judi Fusco

Practitioners at the Center: Catalyzing Research on Problems of Practice in Realistic Settings

Pub. December 2022

By Stefani Pautz Stephenson; Rebecca Banks; Deblina Pakhira

Navigating the Tensions: How Could Equity-relevant Research Also Be Agile, Open, and Scalable?

Pub. August 2022

By: Jenna Zacamy; Jeremy Roschelle