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Research Questions

The L@S data warehouse will allow researchers to conduct several types of exploratory analysis and future designs may allow experimental interventions.

User Population

Post-secondary online ASU students. Potential in the future to expand the user population. 

Learn more about some of the work of the EdPlus team at ASU here


The ASU Provost’s Office and IRB, along with ASU L@S team members, will coordinate vetting of potential research studies.

IRB requirements

ASU IRB, researchers use own IRB

Recruitment (Students)

No recruitment of subjects necessary for historic, aggregated data. Per course/per survey studies with interventions would require navigating the appropriate buy-in and consents.


Interventions can be randomized at different levels: university-wide, class-level, individual level, etc.


Future platform development will include features to support multiple types of research including A/B testing, efficacy and replication studies, and design studies including ability to evaluate and maximize EdTech Tools in play, ex: InScribe, YellowDig

Prior achievement/demographic data 

Pre-Alpha build includes Course Profile table, Course Outcomes table, and Common Student Characteristics Table. ASU will utilize NLP to evaluate written assignments and discussion board postings.

Outcome Measures

For initial proof of concept, L@S will build student profile model and a course profile model to analyze what outcome measures are essential to improve student outcomes and integral to future iterations of the L@S platform


L@S will connect a wide range of available data in the ASU ecosystem and make it accessible to researchers in ways that honor institutional and individual privacy.