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Equity Focus Spans across AERA Sessions 


In April, I attended AERA just after a day spent with SEERNet in the role of advisor. The juxtaposition of the SEERNet meeting with Digital Learning Platforms (DLPs) and the…

Reflections on Researcher-Practitioner Co-design of SEERNet Research Questions


One of SEERNet’s aims is to enable alignment of research on digital learning platforms to practitioner needs. Office Hours: A Conversational Series was SEERNet’s first initiative to convene practitioners and…

SEERNet is hitting the road and we’d love to connect!


It’s conference season and the SEERNet team is looking forward to learning and connecting, in person! Members of the team will be attending these events and want to connect with…

SEERNet Convenes First Practitioner Advisory Board


In our commitment to bringing practitioner voice into SEERNet, we have formed the first SEERNet practitioner advisory board. The board will engage with SEERNet members in ongoing conversations about what…

Why am I Always Being Researched?


Within SEERNet, we believe that practitioners need to play a central role in the research process, echoing the National Academies call that “research needs to begin in the field.” Since…

Two SEERNet DLPs Shared Insights at CODE@MIT


Representatives from the teams at UpGrade and eTrials  presented at the 2022 Conference on Digital Experimentation at MIT (CoDE@MIT).  One key insight from the UpGrade team was that there is…

SEERNet Keynotes Featured at the EmpoweringLearners.AI Conference


Key Points In three related keynote addresses at the EmpoweringLearners.AI conference, speakers argued that engineering successful learning technologies at scale requires integrating many kinds of student and contextual variables. AI…

Multipurpose Design for Education Research


One of our team members attended a small elementary school with, as she describes it, three classroom wings, a library, a main office, and a multipurpose room. The library (you…

The SEERNet Team’s Observations on the 2023 84.305N RFA


When the RFA to bring researchers into SEERNet was published on October 20th, the SEERNet team noticed that in many respects, this RFA follows precedent in other IES RFAs. For…