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We are excited to announce SEERNet Office Hours: A Conversational Series. In this new initiative, we will convene a community of researchers, educators, school leaders, and industry partners to envision the future of digital learning platforms and improve equity in research and learning. 

Our goal is to bring together participants who will work with Digital Learning Platform (DLPs) representatives to co-design research questions relevant to emerging technology tools and systems. Over the course of a few months, we will provide a dedicated space and structure to include diverse voices, envisioning that these interactions will enable platform developers to acknowledge students’ diversity and accommodate learner variability.    

Check out this video which provides an overview of the Office Hours project and an introduction and brief demonstration from each of the five Digital Learning Platforms or click here for a transcript of the event.

These Office Hours are intended to provide researchers, educators, and school leaders with opportunities to engage with DLPs and DLP representatives in an informal conversation, learn about emerging technology tools and systems implemented in K-12 and Higher Education settings, and share their experience and thoughts based on a few guiding questions.

  • What research or classroom issues would you like to address using a DLP? 
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your values and fears?
  • What are some of your challenges? 
  • How do you envision the future of learning (5 -10 years)?

The Office Hours will run from September through November 2022 and will require 1 hour of your time for biweekly meetings (7-8 meetings total). Participants will be encouraged to attend certain meetings and can self-select based on their interest, expertise, and availability. At the end of the session, in November, we will be offering an honorarium of $100 per meeting to each participant.   

Participation in the following will be optional but highly encouraged. 

At the end of the three-month engagement period participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Contribute to and review a synthesis of the research questions based on their conversation with the DLP representatives. 
  2. Co-author or contribute to a blog publication or white paper based on the findings of the session.

The conversations are an opportunity for professional development, building meaningful connections with the community, and could potentially lead to future research collaboration(s).

We invite you to complete the Interest Form via the following link: 

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