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NCES released SY 2018-19 Common Core of Data (CCD) Graduates/completers Public-Use and Restricted-Use Data Files

Today, the National Center for Education Statistics released the 2018–19 Common Core of Data (CCD) Graduates/Completers Public and Restricted-Use Data Files, the product of the CCD data collection for the 2018–19 school year. The unduplicated number of graduates/completers are reported at state, district, and school levels for the 12-month period from October 1, 2018, through September 30, 2019. The state- and district-level data are released in both restricted-use (RUD) and public-use (PUB) files, while the school-level data are only released as a RUD file.

Users need to apply for a RUD data license in order to obtain access to the RUD data files. Please go to Single Application Process (SAP) Portal at for more information.