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Summer Break Adventures: Dive into New IES Funding Opportunities!

Summer is here, and while most people are thinking about vacations and beach days, we know that researchers and educators might have something else on their minds: funding opportunities! If you’re looking to make the most of your summer break, why not dive into some IES grant programs? Here are three upcoming funding opportunities that can turn your innovative ideas into reality and make a real impact on education.

From Seedlings to Scale (S2S) Grant Program

If you’ve got a brilliant idea that could transform education but need support to grow it from a small seed into a mighty tree, the From Seedlings to Scale (S2S) grant program is just what you need. This program is designed to nurture innovative ideas through three phases of increasing funding and duration, supporting your project as it evolves from an initial concept into a scalable solution.

  • Phase One: Start by clarifying your understanding of the problem and refining your solution through engagement with stakeholders. This phase focuses on detailed planning for further research and development (R&D).
  • Phase Two: Once you’ve successfully navigated Phase One, apply for Phase Two funding to develop your concept into a fully functioning initial version of your solution. 
  • Phase Three: For those exceptional projects, Phase Three will focus on evaluating the impact of your solution across multiple settings and preparing it for broader scalability.

For Fiscal Year 2025, IES welcomes applications for Phase One projects under the “Seamless Personalized Education Experiences Delivered at Scale (SPEED at Scale)” focus area. This initiative aims to develop innovative solutions that enable teachers to provide personalized instruction seamlessly to PreK-12 students. 

Applications are due August 15, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Education Policy and Practice

The Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Education Policy and Practice grant program is your chance to dive deep into specific education problems and collaborate with like-minded researchers. 

For Fiscal Year 2025, IES is inviting applications for the Accelerate, Transform, Scale (ATS) Initiative Hub. This hub will support the establishment of new ATS Initiative programs and provide high-level support to IES in coordinating existing programs under this initiative. The ATS Initiative funds innovative education research and development to create solutions that can be scaled to improve outcomes for all students and close long-standing achievement gaps. Inspired by advanced research projects agencies (ARPAs) in the Federal government, the ATS Initiative uses insights from both basic and applied research to develop and expand groundbreaking solutions in specific areas that are often overlooked by traditional research or industry.

Applications are due August 15, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Education Research Grants Program

The Education Research Grants Program offers a variety of opportunities across 11 different topics. Each topic typically accepts applications once per year, with deadlines announced in the Federal Register and on the IES website.

For Fiscal Year 2025, the following topics are being competed under one Education Research Grants RFA (ALN 84.305A):

  • Career and Technical Education
  • Civics Education and Social Studies
  • Cognition and Student Learning
  • Early Learning Programs and Policies
  • English Learner Policies, Programs, and Practices
  • Improving Education Systems: Policies, Finance, Organization, Management, and Leadership
  • Literacy
  • Postsecondary and Adult Education
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Context for Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching, Teachers, and the Education Workforce

Whether you’re passionate about STEM education, literacy, or early learning programs, there’s a topic for you. Dive into the world of education research and contribute to the body of knowledge that shapes future educational practices. 

Applications are due September 12, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Make This Summer Count!

With these new funding opportunities, you can turn your innovative ideas into impactful solutions. So, grab your sunscreen, your notebook, and start working on those grant applications. Summer just got a whole lot more exciting! 

For more details on these and other funding opportunities, visit the IES website. Happy researching!
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